Caravan Weight Control.

Caravan Weight Control.

For a well-balanced trip
Before setting off on your adventure you should check that the caravan doesn’t exceed the permissible total weight, but most importantly that it is correctly loaded. It’s not only overloading – uneven and single-sided weight distribution can also have a negative impact on the caravan’s stability and can turn even the lightest braking into a nightmare scenario.

The handy Caravan Weight Control (CWC) scale offers the ability to easily determine the right-left weight distribution of your trailer, thereby preventing dangerous swaying when travelling. It gives you 100% control over the overall weight of your caravan and the partial loads on the individual wheels.

The CWC is capable of weighing single-axle, tandem-axle and four-wheeled vehicles – the type of vehicle being weighed is simply set on the scale.
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