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About Us

We are committed to the UK leisure vehicle market place and believe that by working closely with our customers we can ensure 100% satisfaction.

With a long history in the leisure sector, we work across all areas of the industry including manufacturing, retail and repair; we can supply everything needed, all from one central location.

Disaster averted!!

Mr & Mrs Jobling were getting ready for their holidays when tragedy struck, before setting off Mr Jobling completed his final checks only to discover the CBE Control Panel had failed. Fortunately, they called on our services, we pulled out all the stops and managed to get them on their way within 48 hours.

It's always a pleasure to help lovely customers. Have a safe journey both. 

Just Caravan Parts Team

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Practice your caravan reversing skills using a 3D driving simulator

As more people enter the caravanning hobby than ever before, campsites could soon be overrun with inexperienced towers needing to practice their skills.The program has three modes:'Autopilot mode' demonstrates how to reverse a caravan into gateways, parking spaces, and campsite pitches'Guidance mode' allows users to try it out for themselves using steering commands'Normal mode' leaves users free to experiment.Visit to try it for yourself.