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Watermaster IC High Flow

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SKU: EP1632

Intelligently controls the submersible pump for trouble-free operation and peace of mind

• Never adjust your pressure
switch again
- Enjoy a smooth, constant water flow
• Never let your pump run dry
- Protect and prolong your
submersible pump’s life
• Easily retrofitted
- To Whale Watermaster® Exterior
Socket with Pressure Switch
(ES1001 or ES5001)

How does Watermaster® IC Pump Controller work?
In a pressure based water system a surge in battery voltage can cause the internal pressure switch in the socket to fluctuate. This leads to pulsations in water flow. Similarly, if the battery voltage drops, the pump may be unable to produce enough pressure to activate the pressure switch and the pump may run on continuously. Also, if the external water container runs out, the pump will continue to run on. This drains
the battery and may reduce the life of the pump. Until now, the only solution has been to manually adjust the pressure switch.

Watermaster® IC Pump Controller eliminates these problems and the need for pressure switch adjustment.
Innovative electronic control circuitry monitors the level of battery voltage and compensates for any
surges/reductions in battery voltage that can occur. It also cleverly senses when the water container runs
dry and switches the pump off.

Intelligently controls the submersible pump
Easily retrofitted to a Whale® Watermaster
pressure switch socket (only)
• Stops pump pulsating at high voltages
• Stops pump running continuously at low voltages
• Detects when water container has run out
and turns pump off

Protect and prolong your
submersible pump
• No more pressure switch adjustments
• Surge damper no longer required
• Protects and prolongs the submersible pump
• Helps lengthen the battery life
• Built-in fault diagnostics system
• Service free, one-step calibration process
• Easily retro-fitted*