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Mains Water Adaptor Kit

Waste Outlet Connection Kit

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1 x Waste Outlet Connection Kit. Complete kit to connect up to 2 Waste Outlets 2 x 28mm x 90 Degree Elbow ( 81325 ) 1 x 28mm Tee Connector ( 81327 ) 1 x 300mm 28mm Waste Pipe


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The best caravan drain adaptor I've tried!

Reviewed on 27 June 2015

Verified Purchase
Excellent product. This has all the bits to safely connect your waste. and some spare!
It's easy to cut the pipe to length with a Junior hacksaw.
I assembled it with pure silicone grease, (Carlube or similar), so that there was a little give in the connections, which would otherwise be a tad tight. - necessarily, to avoid leaks. The bit of 'give' avoids straining the caravan fittings possibly.
A lead the output from this adaptor to the usual flexible grey waste pipe, that we're all familiar with, either to the Wastemaster, or via a longer bit to a Service Pitch drain.
Great seller. Well satisfied!


Reviewed on 26 August 2019

Used on my caravan outlets.
Had slight leak using plastic ribbed pipe and Y splitter. Replaced them with this item, no leaks at all. Easy to put together. Would recommend