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Thetford Concentrate Duo Pack

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Thetford Duo Pack Concentrate contains 1 x 0.75L Aqua Rinse Concentrate and 1 x 0.78L Aquakem Blue Concentrate. The bottles are double the strength of the traditional versions. Eliminates unpleasant smells. Reduces gas build-up. Stimulates the breakdown of waste matter and toilet paper. Leaves a protective layer in the toilet bowl. Prevents scale and keeps water fresh.


Customer questions & answers


How long will this last?

This pack does 13 doses. That means 13 toilet cassette refills.
Hi first time buying, do you use both at the same time?
The blue is for the toilet cassette, the pink is for the flush water. We tend to use our onboard facilities exclusively so I refresh the cassette and top-up the flush water every morning - it's not always necessary but it avoids the situation where the red light comes on just as you're going to bed - hence I use them at the same time but in different parts of the toilet system. I hope this helps!

Top Reviews 

Small but powerful

No stinky mess

Smell nice and cover anything unpleasant.

Don't have to use so much as it's concentrated.