Sargent Stinger AS310s Caravan Alarm System

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Sargent Stinger AS310/300 Caravan Alarm System

Introducing the new Sargent STINGER AS310/300 series modular alarm system. Based on new technology and a two-year design process, the Stinger AS310/300 incorporates ideas and feedback from users and experts throughout the caravan and security industries. Designed to be modular, the system can be expanded by a forthcoming range of wired and wireless accessories 

The Stinger AS310/300 is best suited to aftermarket applications or as a replacement for our older AS210 system or fit onto existing caravan manufactures systems. It uses a simple to fit 2 wire power connection and is supplied with a mating cable for use if your caravan doesn’t have an appropriate socket.

The STINGER AS310/300 alarm system has several other built-in features that can be utilised with additional extra wiring during installation.

These features include.

  • Awning light control - the awning light can be controlled by the alarm system. It is switched on for 1 minute when armed/disarmed or can be controlled manually from the key fob.
  • Marker/taillight control – the marker/taillights can be wired to flash when the alarm system is armed/disarmed.
  • Electronic tilt and motion sensor with automatic calibration and easy sensitivity adjustment from the key fob. This feature provides excellent tilt detection with no moving parts. The tilt sensor works automatically and does not need adjustment for normal use even if you park on a steep incline. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted.


The STINGER AS310/300 kit contains the following items:


  • System base unit with pre-connected Power and PIR cables and integral NiMH battery

The STINGER 310 system unit uses a special 4.8-volt Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack that supplies backup battery power to the system should the supply from the leisure battery fail or be disconnected.


  • Passive Infra-Red (PIR) movement detector with mounting frame and decorative trim

Complete with a 120° Passive Infra-Red (PIR) internal movement sensor that detects body movement within the vehicle. With the system disarmed a green LED within the PIR will indicate movement detection. If you are leaving pets within the vehicle the system should be armed without the PIR sensor active to prevent your pet from triggering the alarm.


  • 2 x Key Fob controllers

Supplied with two key fob style radio controllers, which are used to operate the alarm system. Each key fob has four buttons which can be used as follows.

  • LED Torch button,
  • Arm / Disarm button
  • Awning Light button
  • Programming Mode button


  • User Instructions


System base unit

  • Supply voltage 6 to 15v DC
  • Supply current 500mA max 5mA typical
  • Operating temperature -20 to +40 deg Celsius
  • Battery capacity 9Ah at 4.8v
  • Siren output 110dB +/- 10% @ 1M
  • Comprehensive interface connector (details on request)

System specification

  • PIR movement sensor Range 120 deg x 6M

Key fob controller

  • Range 6M typical
  • Battery 2x CR2032 lithium button cell
  • Typical battery life 1 year