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Quest Falcon 300 poled awning

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The Falcon comes in two different sizes (low and high top) and is a very lightweight poled porch awning, that is high on features, ease of use, and low on weight and cost.
The awning is all about ease of use and value. It features an easy-to-use, minimal quick-fit pole system. This pole system is quick to put together, lightweight and adjustable to help ensure the best pitching even on uneven ground. The pitching is easy enough to be done by a single person if required. It uses the modern Quest Tec75 fabric which is lightweight, quick-drying, and extremely waterproof making the awning easier to use and maintain. It is U.V. coated to help protect it from the harmful UV rays which helps extend its lifespan and gives you a U.P.F. rating of 50+ which is the highest possible giving you complete protection.
With windows all around you get amazing views from anywhere in the awning and loads of light to make the internal space feel bright and airy. The awning has additional features such as full mesh doors, roll down, half or full blinds, roll-up front panels, sun canopy fronts (if used with the optional universal canopy pole kit). All this plus a very small pack size, lightweight, and amazing value make the Falcon an excellent awning for the weekend, first-timers, the budget-conscious, and just about anyone after an easy-to-use lightweight porch awning.

Single Person Pitch
This awning is so lightweight it can be fed into the awning channel by a single person. They are also very easy to erect and peg, so they can be pitched by a single person. Before we give an item the single person pitch logo, we test them by fully pitching them ourselves with one person.

Minimal Quick-Fit Frame
This awning has a minimal quick-fit frame system. This means it uses a minimal amount of poles making it smaller and easier to use. The frame is also adjustable. This is extremely useful when you pitch on uneven ground. Thanks to its adjustable nature it can be extended or shrunk to cater to uneven ground, slopes, or obstacles which you can find on a large number of pitches, helping you to pitch correctly at all times.

Quest Tec75 Fabric
This is a modern, lightweight fabric. It has a high-performance coating giving it a very high waterproof rating, whilst helping to keep the weight down and the pack size smaller. The fabric is naturally water repellent, which means it is quick to dry, making it easier to dry the awning back at home if it is put away wet. It also means that it is easy to clean as the majority of the dirt is just washed off with water as the dirt is not 'soaked in' like it can on some heavier fabrics. The technical specification of the fabric is 75D and has a hydrostatic head (HH) of 3,000 mm. The advanced coating on this lightweight fabric also means that it is protected against the harmful suns rays and helps extend its lifespan. This same coating also gives it a U.P>f rating of 50+, which is the highest possible, giving you great protection from the sun as well.

Very Small Pack Size
This awning uses the minimal quick-fit frame system which is very small, especially when packed away. The lightweight fabric also allows it to be rolled and folded to a very small size. These two options together mean that these awnings pack down to very small pack size, much smaller than its air rivals and smaller than you would think for an awning. This makes the awning easier to store away when not in use and easier to pack into your vehicle when loading ready for your break.

Built-in Drive-Away Kit
This awning has dual beading. It has both 4 and 6mm beading sewn into the tunnel to ensure it can be used on any type of connection (standard awning channel, any roll-out awning (such as Thule Omnistor, or Fiamma F45 etc.). The beading can also be zipped on and off. This removes the need for a drive-away kit as you simply unzip the beading when you want to drive away and zip it back on when you come back. This also allows for a much better connection to the vehicle. When using a drive-away kit you have a number of figures of eight pieces and a double-sided beading strip in between your awning and vehicle. This is not a strong or as stable connection as this single zipped beading and the single zipped beading also means the awning is closer to your vehicle, thus reducing the potential for a gap at the back by the tunnel allowing for a better connection.

Rear Draught Pads
Most caravan awnings all have rear draught pads, but virtually no drive-away awnings do, but this one does. These rear draught pads mean that when up against your vehicle it makes a better, tighter seal against the side of the van giving you a better fit. The pad can also help if you find you have a gap between the tunnel and your vehicle as it can be used to fill this gap. It also means you can use the optional (purchased separately) rear poles which push the draught pads against the vehicle giving you an even tighter seal and better connection.


Available in two sizes and features the lightweight and quick-drying Quest Tec75 fabric.
Minimal, Quick-Fit poled frame.
Adjustable frame to work on all uneven surfaces..
Built-in the drive-away kit. This awning has dual 4 and 6mm beading that can be zipped on and off.
No need for a drive-away kit
Better connection to the vehicle thanks to no drive-away kit.
Five doors (1 left, 1 right, 1 front, 1 left tunnel, 1 right tunnel).
Full ventilation doors to the left and right for great airflow.
Easy view, high vis guy lines.
UV coating gives a U.P.F rating of 50+ for complete protection.
Zip and roll up a front panel that can be used as a sun canopy (requires optional universal canopy pole kit).
Crystal clear windows with roll down blinds that can be used at half-height for views plus privacy, or full privacy if required.
The two-way mud wall can be used on the inside or outside.
Very small pack size: Packs away to small size.
Lightweight: This is a very lightweight awning.
This awning is easy enough to be pitched by one person.
Sewn-in rear draught pads on the tunnel allow for a better connection to your vehicle.

Materials and Dimensions

ItemCode : A3507
Vehicle connection height: 180 - 210 cm.
Kador Length : 375 cm (there is approx 30cm of extra kador at each end)
Tunnel Width: 315cm
Awning Width: 325 cm.
Awning Height: 210 cm.
Awning Depth: 300 - 340 cm.
Total Weight: 11.9 kg.
Pitching Weight: 9.4 kg (This is the weight of just the canvas with any removable panels removed)
Packed size : 82 x 31 x 31 cm.
Warranty: 12 months.
Fabric: Quest Tec75
Windows: Crystal clear foil
HH: 3,000 mm
U.P.F.Rating: 50+

Optional Extras
Storm roof pole
Universal rear leg poles (pair)
Pop up inner tent
Universal canopy pole kit
Driveaway kit
LED lighting