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Hinged Window 500 x 450 Caravan - Motorhome

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This top hung, double glazed acrylic hinged window is complete with sturdy window stays, lever locks and a full flynet and blind. Made for quick and easy installation, this cost effective window will make replacing any existing like for like models a doddle. With its sleek design and high quality finish, we?ll have your caravan, motorhome or campervan looking amazing in no time. Overall Height: 479 mm Overall Width: 529 mm Cut Out Width: 500 mm Cut Out Height: 450 mm Net weight: 4.2 kg Max Open Degree: 45 Fitting Instructions: 1. Wall thickness must be between 25mm ? 45mm. 2. After making cutout, apply silicone or foam around cutout to create a seal. 3. Fit bracket whilst lining up bracket holes with window holes on exterior of cutout. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN 4. Apply screws to blind frame and cover screw holes. AGAIN, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN 5. Test blind, flynet and window operation.AIN, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN 5. Test blind, flynet and window operation.