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The ultra-compact design is the same for all three versions of the FreshJet, only the power varies. This ensures that these compact roof air conditioners can provide a comfortable climate for vehicles up to 7m. And yet enough space remains on the roof for satellite dishes or solar modules. Other benefits are the very low start up current for FreshJet 1100 and 1700 and softstart for the 2200 version. This means the units will work anywhere without hassle. The lightweight and compact units are easy to install and all feature integrated LED illumination, remote control and air wide ducts which allow the air streams to be distributed in all four directions. FreshJet 1700 and 2200 also feature an additional heating function.


  • Ideal for vehicles of up to max. 6 m.
  • Cooling capacity: 1700 watts/5800 Btu/h
  • Ultra-compact lightweight design
  • Cool and dehumidify air at the touch of a button
  • Can also be used while driving with optional DC kits.
  • Efficient air distribution in two directions
  • Can be used as a duo unit for creating separate climate zones in larger vehicles