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Dometic CTLP4110 Cassette Toilet For Campervan Caravan Or Motorhome

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Just like new: the replacement set works wonders when the Dometic toilet is showing its age or has been installed by the previous vehicle owner. Instead of replacing it completely, only the heavily used parts are replaced - which reduces the work and saves money!

Dometic CTLP4110 Cassette Toilet For Campervan Caravan Or Motorhome


The Dometic CTLP4110 is the new stylish and versatile cassette toilet that will make a perfect addition o your Campervan, Caravan or Motorhome.

The CTLP4110 is a plastic body, like most Campervan Cassette Toilets, but with a Ceramic inlaid bowl, giving it an extra feel of quality.


The Dometic CTLP4110 has the same footprint as the recently discontinued and wildly popular C200 series of campervan cassette toilets from Thetford, and therefore can utilise the C200 shower trays, and also the optional service door 3 for removing the cassette through the side of your campervan.

Key Features

The Dometic CTLP4110 does NOT have a swivel seat; however, the seat can be unclipped and repositioned through 180 degrees.

The CTLP4110 features a ceramic inlaid bowl for better hygiene and appearance in your campervan or motorhome

Easy-access control panel and high-pressure flush with vacuum breaker coupled with the 19-litre waste tank capacity make the Dometic CTLP4110 and ideal choice for your Campervan build.

Onboard water supply

The Dometic CTLP4110 Campervan toilet has no separate flush tank, and therefore relies on your onboard water tank for the flushing.


  • Ceramic Inlaid Bowl
  • Powerful High powered Flush
  • 12v Flush Operation
  • 19 Litre Waste Capacity
  • C200 Shower tray compatible
  • Dimensions 382.6mm x 530mm x 592.2mm
  • Removable Cassette with Robust Telescopic Handle
  • Removable Seat can be positioned through 180 degrees
  • Power input at 12v is MAX 0.5 amp with external pump