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The Thetford C220CS basic C/W (which, just to make things more confusing than they need to be, is also known as the Thetford C223CS), is a cassette toilet for campervan conversions which is designed to replace the now outdated C200 models. If you had a C200, you’ll know that it wasn’t that bad a loo, but the C220CS has a few little improvements, like a bigger, deeper bowl and, of course, flush functionality.

This particular CS model comes complete with an electric rather than manual flush, and a direct connection to your cold water feed which means there’s no need for a separate water tank. The waste tank isn’t quite as big as you’ll find on other cassette loos at 18 litres, but that’s still mighty impressive in the grand scheme of things, and it’s got a handle and wheels to make emptying it a less miserable task.


  • Made from high quality, durable plastic and is designed to last 
  • Swivel seat to ensure it fits well within your available space
  • Splash guard to avoid mess when emptying 
  • Level indicator for waste tank
  • Easy roll wheels


  • Waste tank capacity: 18L
  • Flush water tank: 9L
  • Measures 534 x 394 x 580mm: ideal size for most campervan conversions 
  • Seat height: Tall 492mm is exceptionally good for anyone with mild mobility issues
  •, making it one of the lightest of Thetford cassette toilets