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Maxview Roam - Mobile 3G/4G Wifi System

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Introducing Maxview Roam, a powerful mobile Wi-Fi solution designed to provide uncompromised internet connectivity, even in remote and rural locations, across the UK and Europe. Our powerful LTE antenna has been designed to maximise 3G/4G signal. Coupled with the Roam router, this creates a reliable and secure Wi-Fi hotspot for your vehicle. Unlike other products, the Roam router can also receive Wi-Fi sources, so you are only using data when necessary. Connect up to 50 devices at any one time Uses 12V automotive power supply or Power over Ethernet if preferred Router unlocked for use on any network Features RJ45 ports for connection directly to device Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting support Includes a Three SIM card (200Mb month free) to help you get set up and connected* Very easy set up 2 year guarantee