How to choose a caravan awning☀️

How to choose a caravan awning☀️

How to choose a caravan awning☀️
Owning a touring caravan can bring year after year of amazing holidays and the opportunity to make some special memories. With the freedom to roam and get closer to nature, tourers can provide you with the opportunity to take last-minute, sometimes cheaper holidays. With caravan sites around the world, you are not just tied to the UK either. In some circles, however, caravan holidays may have a less than great reputation if cramped conditions mean you are often falling over each other. This is where an awning comes in.


Why use an awning?
The short answer is space. With an awning, you can up to double the floor space that you have available.


How often will the awning be in use?
Knowing how often your awning will actually be up and in use is a key consideration when it comes to choosing. It could be that you are touring and visiting different sites during the course of a holiday.
The best material for my awning
The choices for an awning tend to be cotton, polyester, or acrylic, each coming with its own pros and cons.


What's in a colour?
When choosing the colour of your awning, it's not just about making a fashion statement; the colour you choose should be closely linked to the use you have in mind.
What size awning should I go for?
Remember that we considered what you would be using your awning for? Well, when it comes to considering what size awning you should opt for, you need to be very clear on its use.
Spoilt for choice
With such an array of awnings being available, varying in size, weight, and material, it can never be as simple as just being told which type of awning is the best. Choosing the right awning for you is entirely a personal choice moulded around what you both want and need from one.
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