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Caravan Refrigeration & Cooling
Three way absorption refrigerators is the most common type of cooling system used in a caravan. As the name implies, it has three alternative power sources: - 12V, 240V and LPG. As so many brands of refrigeration systems are available in the market. Some of them are ‘T’ rated and will perform better in higher ambient conditions. Just Caravan Parts is on stop solution for all your caravan refrigeration needs. We are offering a complete range of refrigeration and cooling systems. Additional accessories are also available on our online superstore. No matter the type of fridge in you caravan, we can help.
  • Thetford Caravan Refrigerators
  • Thetford Refrigerator Spares
  • 118 Litre Integral ACC Fridge for Caravan
  • Brunner Cooler Up
  • Cool Power for Caravan
  • Dometic battery for Piezo Igniters
  • Dometic 24 litre Cool Box
  • Display board LCD Fridges
  • Dometic Caravan Refrigeration
  • Vitrifigo Refrigeration